I found out how elytra become invisible and how to stop it/make it happen

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  1. Ok, so to make the elytra become invisible, simply hold nothing in your hand(s) and have nothing equipped (armor, shield etc.)

    This will make the elytra transparent

    To make it non-transparent, simply equip armor or something in your hand

    I figured out a really cool effect too! If you get an avaluncher (or something that works like an avaluncher where it goes and comes back into your inventory) and put on some armor (i do boots) and start throwing the avalauncher your wings will start blinking and it looks pretty cool.

    hope this helped for you who thought restarting your game is what fixed it :D

    EDIT: If you dont have an avalauncher the same effect can be replicated by holding an item and swiching to a slot without an item

    ANOTHER EDIT: the armor has to be enchanted
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  2. It works with Simply enchanted items in certain slots. Doesn't even have anything to do with it being an avalauncher
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  3. Just saying... I think the only one without an Elytra ;-;
  4. the avalauncher is to do the blinking effect
    because the launcher is thrown, so it becomes transparent and then it returns to your inventory, so the elytra looks normal
  5. You have to have enchanted armour sooo like boots enchant that and it will be invisible, if it doesnt turn invisible dont hold anything in both hands then it should work
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