I finally beat minecraft in survival...

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  1. After a couple months... i finally beat it. I managed to get stacks of Eye's of Ender and locate the End portal. With 16 stacks of arrows and a max enchanted bow (and sword) i managed to destroy all towers and the Dragon. The Ender Men decided to attack me as well... but i still killed the dragon. :D

    And note: I did this in survival. Not creative.
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  2. i still havent...i start playing survival ...build a house...adventure for awhile...then get bored and restart =P
  3. I build complete crap houses unless i get sand. Dirt is useless in survival cause Ender Men like to move dirt you place... then let Skele's shoot you. Not fun.

    I adventure a ton. I mine half the map on every map i play xD
  4. Same here but i get tired of it some reason =/....gathering supplies to build a house is the part i like =)
  5. I hate mining but i have to. Hence the name of the game. But here, i can farm instead of mine now :D
  6. YOU DON'T LIKE MINING?!? What mental asylum did you escape from?!?
  7. Quick! Let's catch him and study him!
  8. I finished the game this morning all I had was an iron sword (stupid creepers stole my diamond on) a normal bow and I think about 14/15 stacks of arrows two sets of diamond armour and ladders...lots of ladders and I learnt the hard way that I should of enchanted my weapons. Like my friend said as he watched me kill the beast he said to me "you...have...balls"
  9. I don't know, from what I have seen, he might just be.... A GRIEFER, as griefers don't like to mine. I will bring a master ball and Charzard just incase.
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  10. I'll help I'll bring my Charlizard (yogscast joke if you don't know) :)
  11. I'll bring some potions and my Raquaza, just in case.
  12. he won't stand a chance:3
  13. lol you guys are funny..I enjoy mining but enjoy it even more when i get to put what i find to use =D
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  14. we should ask to add the pokemobs mod so we could actually take this guy in for tests :3
  15. Lol. 'Cept that would never happen.
  16. true. I just read the thread about that dude who was calling aikar a retard now that guy needs to be studied because he's going to an asylum :D
  17. You mean his own mind?
    I know. That guy was smart...
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  18. Same here !!! lol the dude was right up until he called aikar a retard. But if his story was true aikar did act out of term as a mod to do that. But name calling is a zero tolerance in book. Never should have called him a name because a ban is appropriate at this point.
  19. Hr should have been banned for not reading the rules as well as everything else :D
  20. Now do it in Hardcore
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