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  1. This thread will get three replies: Who are you?, First!!!!, and hopefully, one that states something I can/should do to get back to the Empire. As you or may not know EMC hasn't seemed as fun as it always was. I have no friends constantly on to mine with. The mall is boring without Term, and TF2 seems very fun. I've been waiting awhile for something unique on EMC, and I don't know what it is. This isn't going to be a wall of text so, just simply tell me something to do.
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  2. I'll be your friend :)
  3. No thanks.
  4. I'm your friend. Forever.
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  5. So The Cordial Talks...
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  6. Was that really necessary? You start to say how you don't have friends, but he wants to and you be rude. Nice.
  7. I'll never get bored of those ponies.
  8. Well, it actually was, you were either going to get a yes or no answer.
  9. Naturally religion is very rude to bring up when talking with someone. That man I didn't mean to offend, but I don't want to be friends as his name offends me.
  10. That wasn't telling him something to do, that was just asking to be a friend. :)
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  11. Don't talk about religion dude, it will just get in arguements and arguements. Please keep it to yourself.

    Thou Shalt Be Respectful And Tolerant Of Race, Ethnicity, Religion, Gender, And Sexual Orientation

    Racial, ethnic, religious, and sexual harassment (including harassment of homosexuals), and hate speech, will not be tolerated.
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  12. Of course I'll be your friend forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and this:
  13. you muffinz crazy
  14. My speakers were up too loud. Dat.
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  15. :> You will all fear me...
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  16. I give you points for looking at the rule book. In fact I felt urged by a comment to bring up religion, unfortunately, an argument has already been brought up, hence all I said was 'No Thanks'
  17. you scare me sometimes lol
  18. Yay, moore than three comments. I guess the community hasn't completely turned against me.

    I don't want to fight. Any offensive comments from this point on just won't be mentioned, and if that user continues I kindly will ask him to stop posting here, and bring the argument into a private message. Thank you!
  19. You should be afraid. My hints on a lot of threads should let you know what is coming...
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  20. Don't want to start a huge discussion, but I can tell what got on your mind(sorry Cordial I am not against you so don't think that :p )

    You said that you will NEVER get bored of cordial. Rather interesting. In the thread you mention multiple times that you indeed, want a thread. Demon Thunder wanted to make you feel better, but got a rather NEGATIVE response due to religion. Interesting enough, I do believe that you don't have to be friends with everyone. That statement is true. But using religion as a topic because of his name is not appropriate. Have any religion you want dude, because you are a free and I am not insulting your beliefs. But you even said it: I am bored I want knew friends. No Thanks. And I will never get bored of those ponies. Funny enough, Demon thunder, (as I have seen from past topics) has been rather been judged differently because of his age. If you don't want to be friends with him, that is fine; but please don't just say its because you didn't like his name, because that was a little rude.

    EDIT : I don't want to have a big argument/discussion/be seen as a rude person or a person that likes to argue. That information is false. I just want to say something that is true. I know lots have people have ignored me, called me names, think of me as someone who has no heart, but all of that is wrong. I am sorry that you don't have many friends, but that's what EMC is for! Lots of people get new friends and have fun. Please don't let this ruin your fun of the empire.
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