I don't think this is normal...

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  1. The pictures speak for themselves.
  2. That place is awesome! I want to go there and make it my very own!
  3. It is cool. And there is a messed up basin kind of area less than 100 blocks north.
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  4. Wow that tunnel really looks round. That water is odd though haha.
  5. Wow thats cool!
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  6. Someone had fun with WorldEdit :p
  7. What are you insinuating? -_-
    I swear it wasn't me.
  8. The water is funny.
    It looks like that but then at the same time it doesn't.
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  10. *Hamster uses BITE
    *It's not effective

    *Servers uses BANHAMMER
    *Super Effective!!!!
  11. Supper?
  12. It's time for dinner?
  13. Supper.... what chu' talkin' about Willis?!
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  15. we didnt do this... I've been regenerating areas and saw that and thought it looked cool so I didnt erase that.

    It has to be player created.
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  16. Is this on EMC?
  17. Yeah smp9. I might release coords some time.
  18. If you ever do...
    *bounces on tippy-toes with her hand in the air*
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  19. I am going to make sure no one has a base near by then I will release coords. I can trust you to keep it free from griefers and trolls.
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  20. theres one right by spawn on smp1
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