I don't like creepers

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  1. Is there any way to keep them out of my underground home in the wild?

    creepers are destroying everything I have, I wish there was a peaceful wilderness perhaps that could be offered to Diamond or create a platinum membership for $25 :D
  2. oh yeah, I know town is peaceful but no resources and I guess that would defeat the point of a peaceful wilderness... but I agree to disagree with that.
  3. Try lighting your underground fortress with torches.
  4. Yes make descenders and put arrows in them and a pressure plate and make it when the creeper steps over the pressure plate the arrows will shoot out of the dispenser. Hope this is helpfull.
  5. but if a player goes on it it is PvP and you will get banned :/
  6. Good point
  7. put a sign near the plate. everyone knows that creepers cant read!:D
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  8. Yeah, like Green said. Light it up.
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  9. ah I don't like the idea of doing that, I mean creepers come from all different directions and maybe I want to go the same way the creeper came?

    yeah I have my whole fortress lit up they still keep coming
  10. I have lit it up, they still keep coming I've had 5 creepers come in, I guess its time to create walls
  11. Light up the area around it with jack o lanters which cover 15 blocks of light
  12. Are you sure you're not connected to any darker areas? Hostile mobs (like creepers) will not spawn in light, but they can still come and ruin your candlelit party.
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  13. There may be a ravine or giant cave nearby which is not light up and is making more creepers spawn
  14. well I'm connected to several various caves, but its lit up several levels all the way down I light up every 4-5 blocks.

    Sure there's some dark spots but they are quite a ways from my "fortress" usually 500m or so according to the minimap (I don't know if that means anything)
  15. Yeah. As long as there are creepers there must be dark spots. They will also spawn at night so if you're connected to the surface then that could be a likelihood as well. (note: creepers and spiders DO NOT burn in sunlight. They just don't SPAWN there.)
  16. wall off the entrances to the cave but put doors :)
  17. Without outside pressure plates, of course. That would defeat the purpose.
  18. DERP! maybe hav despensers with pressure pads and signs next to the doors so the mobs die when trying to come in and commenting "thatssssssss a very nice everything you have there"
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  20. I get it when they spawn in the dark; fine but they are over 800m away and several deep levels down and yet they still come how the HECK do they find me?!?!

    some days I never see a creeper, and then all of the sudden I will see 2-3 in a whole day; its silly!

    Are you telling me creepers will just wander until they make their way up top? What kind of AI is that?! Its infuriating... they won't leave me alone.

    the areas I have explored are quite well lit and yes there are some holes to the outside but they are so high up, you think they are going to fall 500m? (I guess they can't die that way?)

    Man if Obsidian were easy to get; I'd turn my enclave into an obsidian box