I dont know if I can do this but I will ask

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  1. So I am an alt for pmaz8,pmaz11 and my account was hacked so I wondering if there is anyway to give my res to one of them?
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  2. They can't transfer ownership of a res or give you flags to a res. And they wouldn't know if your account is hacked or not. So sorry you'll need to start again. Just PLEASE DONT BEG!
  3. was I begging....?
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  4. No :p Just saying that we dont need any begging threads. If you dont beg I will be happy :)
  5. Don't mind him, he will say anything just to get his spam post count even higher.
  6. If you didn't notice, I gave correct information about res'. Just because I said dont beg, it was because as he had nothing to see another 'I nedz RUPEZZZ!!' thread
  7. Suresure

    I still find it funny that you turned a simple question into begging :)
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  8. Because im awesome!
  9. I would call it attention biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiib

    Anyways let's end it here, we are off topic :)
  10. Unfortunately I don't believe it is possible to do that. What you can do is use the forgot password and/or forgot username option on the login menu and send it to your Email. I don't know it this part is possible but if it is, I'd suggest changing the email that your Minecraft is connected too. Or just switching the Emails name.
  11. This is why you back up your account to mojang. You can send replacement passwords to accounts, much simpler. I recommend doing it.
  12. Actually, this is a pretty good idea. Provided you still have access to the email your Minecraft account was created using, you should be able to migrate it over and recover it.
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  13. Thank you. Also, congrats on diamond jack. Now, back to bad piggies.
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