I died in the wild when i spawned there.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by brandop123, Mar 1, 2012.

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  1. i went to the wild and when i spawned in it the blocks didn't load so i died falling past bedrock.
    i want my diamond armour back and my pickae.
  2. Impossible.
    When u spawn into wild ur in a protected zone, (basically with god mode) All the way to bedrock. Dieing by typing /wild is 100% impossible. +theres no proof that you had these things with you, leading me to believe this is fake, and you just want free diamond armor :/
  3. Even if its true, mods cant spawn items.
  4. This happened to me once on another server. It usuallly happens when the server is lagging very bad. The chunk you tp in doesent load making you fall through the void and dieing.
  5. guess what when its laggy u can fall past bedrock.past there commands dont work.same with the safe zone
  6. You have DIAMOND supporter. Don't be so greedy.
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  7. dude i have had that armor forever.i wanted that to keep.
  8. Its Minecraft, it glitches. The mods can't do anything about it.
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  9. MC is full of glitches. Full of them.

    The nature of the beast that is SMP, is that you will at some point die from a glitch.

    I have, I lost a hell of a lot more than a set of Diamond armour and pickaxe.

    Shrug your shoulders, man up and move on. There's nothing else you can do and there is no policy for returning items lost via glitches or else -everyone- would be clamouring for it.
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  10. Get over it is all I can say!
    Sadly nothing can be done :(
  11. I love how you demanded your items back. I'm sure that'll work.
  12. haha.... i love begging diamond supporters XD

    do u have a bad computer or something... why wasnt the world loading??
  13. Honestly, diamond supporters are no different from the rest of the community, we just donate $20 and have a blue name. :)
  14. It can't happen, as the first post said. In wilderness/nether/town spawn you are in god mode (nothing can damage you, not even falling past bedrock) also, i never saw a refund over here at EMC, so idk if you will get that 4 u :S
    Anyways: Good luck mining those diamonds back!
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  15. Unfortunately, to be fair to everyone, we don't give back items to people when Minecraft glitches out. It's just currently one of those things we have to all live with from time to time until Mojang can create a way to avoid it somehow (hopefully).

    Reason being, is some people (not saying YOU are) can easily lie, and there's no way for us to tell either way if it's truthful or what items people had/lost.
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  16. I'll give you diamonds for a new armor - message me ingame when i get online (SMP1)
  17. How do you explain in creative mode, where you have "god mode" digging through bedrock, falling into the void and dying?
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  18. That's not the same concept of 'god mode' than the used at spawn point, just because in creative mode the system cancels some code lines, in the residence god mode it cancels all the damage codes
  19. Okay got ya. I didn't think about the fact that some codes have been changed. I wasn't getting smart, just curious is all. :)
  20. Bring out your inner rudeness! >=D Well, or not. its frowned upon :)
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