I. Did. It.

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by 607, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. Oh My Buhjeezus
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  2. I hate you so much at this moment, I can get about 30 seconds on the first one and that's it...
  3. You have achieved greatness
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  4. But... But... My highest time is 40 seconds... how... how... how have you done this?
  5. 40 seconds on the first one you mean? :p ;)
  6. ....No... no...


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  7. What is it..? I have not heard of this game, I am not sure I want to.
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  8. That's like getting over 9000+ score on Flappy Bird. H@XOR!!!
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  9. Its Super Hexagon, very addictive, available on steam.
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  10. *not looking* I can't, not after what flappy bird did to me *cries*
  11. Well, it's awesome :D Got it for iOS and it was the best app I ever bought. You do need to be able to focus on one thing though, and... reflexes. Yes, reflexes. I do also hope you like chiptune music but in my opinion the game's soundtrack is amazing;)
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  12. I've only just completed Hexagoner :(
  13. I finished Super Hexagon. Can I get a prize?
  14. Screenshot of your time please?
  15. Just finished it. My head hurts. AUUGH!!!
    Edit: when i tried to screenshot it' i hit escape... AUUGH!!!
  16. Now you finished the last one, don't you think the first one is just way too easy? I feel like that now.