I created an EVEN MORE complex song that way exceeds the boundaries of minecraft, halp D:

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  1. What makes this different is the fact that I used ReplayMod to speed up the tick speed of Minecraft, making songs that are usually capped to 150BPM were sped up to 200BPM!

    Also, the notes went higher than 2 octaves thanks to a mod named NoteBetter.

    Took quite a while to make, ran into problems with the 200BPM speed but it all came out fine in the end.

    You can view this via the Replay Mod! https://www.replaymod.com/replay/2212
    Make sure to load the resource pack linked there so the song will work!

    Thanks for listening :)
  2. Gah.
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  3. As mentioned on Youtube: this is totally awesome!

    I sometimes 'program' music myself (MIDI editor, long offtopic story) and I think people have no idea what effort went into this. This isn't merely about 'simply' letting the right note play at the right time (good luck with that in Minecraft by the way, my trusty DAW will make sure that the transport (tempo) always stays on-par, not so much here) but you also had to physically program it. As in: making the redstone connections, timing it, keep optional lag into consideration, and well... tune the noteblocks themselves (ugh, I hate that part, and most I've done so far were 3 - 6 notes :D).

    Say, do I assume right that the repeater row on top is merely there for decoration. I'm thinking that it helps you to keep track of where the song is currently playing, is that correct?

    But yeah, this is awesome. I don't do this often but... liked & subscribed ;)
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  4. It was done via a program called Note Block Studio, and it was imported into minecraft via mcedit.

    However even with the program it did take 2 or 3 straight days to put down all the notes, and having to carefully listen to the original song.
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  5. thought this was gonna be a rickroll but this is cool
  6. Memories of Osu! are coming back D:
  7. the bounties of minecraft is over 1 million blocks there is no possible way it could be that big