I can't play minecraft!?

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  1. Hey! When I try to log on MC it says fatal error. Then it says fix error and restart. What does this mean?
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  3. Probably that there are files missing. Does this happen to you in the launcher or once you launch the game from there.
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  4. In the launcher
  5. idk I stay in like the minecraft game lol
  6. Alright, go into the start menu and type %appdata% Go into the .minecraft file, take out any files you want to keep(Saves, screenshots, ect.) and delete the res, including the bin. Relaunch the game and it will redownload the files, you can now put your screenies and saves back. You will need to redo your controls unless you use the default scheme, but the game should fix the corruption.
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  7. on your launcher when you hit edit profile, at the bottom make sure executable and jvm argument boxes are unchecked, this can sometimes lead to those errors.
  8. Cant he just delete and redownload his Minecraft thouth
  9. No, because the .Minecraft is already there, and the game will just use the corrupted files and he will most likely have the same issue.
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  10. What you can do is just move that .minecraft folder from where it currently is, to another location (such as the desktop). Download the latest minecraft launcher, and let it redownload all files required to run the game.

    1) Launch MC to see if it works. <--if it does, proceed to step 2)
    2) Then go to your old .minecraft folder on the desktop and copy screenshots.
    3) Test to see if MC still runs. <-- if it does, proceed to step 4)
    4) copy any other program data (worlds/saves, mods, etc...) one at a time from the old .minecraft folder to the new one.

    If it works, then you solved the error.
    If not, let us know where if fails and the error messages.
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  11. Thanks for all your help, people :)
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  12. Oh i see
  13. I take it you already fixed it, but I'll try to help either way. These steps are for Windows.

    1. Get to your .minecraft folder, via the "Run" program.

    2. Copy the saves, screenshots, and recourse packs folders.

    3. Paste to desktop/easily accessible place.

    4. Delete .minecraft.

    5. Run the launcher again, in 1.7.x.

    6. Go back to .minecraft and replace the new saves, screenshots, and recourse packs folders with the old ones.
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