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  1. I have recently joined empireminecraft and I think it is one of the best out there. I love playing on it and I have never had so much fun. Unfortunately I can't get on. Why? I can't get on because there are not enough slots to log into. There are propably more res than slots. Therefore people like me can't log on. There is the option of buying silver or gold or diamond but I can't afford that. I really think you should make the number of slots higher for all of our sakes. Thank-you for reading. I hope you respond and react appropriately to this post. Have Fun Minecrafting.
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  2. I think the point to make here sail is - the $5 a month gets you a res. slot.... and it also helps the site and MC function...

    You get quite a lot 'pun intended' for free on EMC.
  3. The max player cap was increased from 45 to 60 recently, and it is putting a mild strain on the server. Would you prefer being able to join an unplayable server or being able to queue in a playable server?
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  4. I have a better idea though, If you own property you can go on the server ie.smp1 when it is full.only if you own property.if u dont own property you cant go on unless its not full. does that sound good?
    if not i understand. i just wanna play more thats all :D
  5. the problem with that idea is simple. there are over 1500 residences in all of the smp servers. I am sure more than 60 would be on at some given time. So in turn. you would still have problems getting on.
  6. WOW, thats a lot of properties. I see now what a problem THAT would be. Thx for replying to my post though. I appreciate it :D
  7. 1504 residences in each standard SMP Town. :)
  8. Yeahhhh.. i dont think 1504 is a good number....lol
  9. A very simple soultion to your problem sailboat.... wash a car get $5 :) Say hey - mom dad - pay for this with that $5 - bingo... no left out :0