I cant get into any of the servers

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  1. Guys , I can't get into any of the minecraft servers! Anyone know why? Is anyone having this? Please give me info of how to fix it! D: It has a HUGE url and i can't get in D:
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  2. i cant either im getting an error with a long url....you too?
  3. Yeah me to it has this url thingy
  4. What happend? D:
  5. I cant get on either T_T
  6. I know it its a hacker cuz ALL of the online games dont work
  7. minecraft is down all of it except skins -_-
  8. failed to login: java.io.IOException: Server returned HTTP response code: 503 for url: [MOD EDIT (JackBiggin): Session URL removed - please don't post these]
  9. I tested this and ive played like 20 online games so they are just targeting minecraft
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  11. Its happening to me and like 10 others!
  12. It's more then likely happening to everyone. It's been down for over 6 hours
  13. It's happening to everyone, the Minecraft servers go down from sometimes, no hackers behind it, it's just when the server throws an error and goes down.
  14. No not Minecraft. Online games and everything.
  15. I highly doubt that
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  16. umm no... power outage in Mojang studios AB..
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