I am the Empire Oracle. I can ask the Gods any questions you may have.

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  1. Mail me a book and quill along with a small Offering to the Gods.

    Your offering will determine how straight-forward your answer is, the smaller the offering - the less you offer; the more of a riddle the answer will be.

    Any testing questions will not be answered.
  2. What would you call a testing question? ;)

    Because what might seem like a jest to you could be pretty serious to me. And it would be depressing if I never heard of my dire issues ever again :D
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  3. A testing question is something like "Where do I live" or "What is my name".
    Something you already know.
  4. Alt of staff.
  5. I will have to try this out!
    Is a not special dirt a sufficient offering for the gods of the empire?
  6. One way to find out. And: I was first :p