I am Somewhat Bored!

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  1. I just finished my gold farm, and I am waiting for my megamall to be built. So, in the mean time, what should I do? I don't want a ton of random, joking replies, I want legit things to do.
  2. go grind for tokens!
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  3. ummm well ive rebuilt various things that i did in my early days of emc when i was poor or unaware of the scale i could build. so that might be fun.
  4. i already have 1k tokens and I kill enraged mobs when i can, so...
    I will probably start on a regular mob spawner. I need the drops.
  5. trees. cut down lots and lots of tree. I would like to see you cutting down acacia trees.
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  6. don't even start with me JC :p. I might work on dcs of wood though.
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  7. I agree with all of the above. And if your like all the nerds in my school, there's always Make It Rain
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  8. I have never understood the point of that game.
  9. Thats why i'm pointing fingers at the nerds in my school who play it non-stop. It has NO POINT!

    EDIT: Also, when did i become a "Well-Known Member"?
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  10. As a legitimate thing to do: I am an amateur writer, so when i don't have anything to do in study hall,
    I will usually write a summary of a story I could someday write or I elaborate. I have about 10 pages in the back of my "Everyclass Notebook" set aside for elaborating on stories. Its mostly about the cities or towns or countries in which the main character(s) live.
  11. Are you asking for things to do inside EMC or outside EMC, like on a different console or steam?
  12. Help build your mall.
  13. On EMC
  14. I once stumbled upon a massive project in utopia that was once done by like 1 person or so I assume.. This person completely excavated a mountain island down to the bedrock. You could always try that.. :p
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  15. You can come join our outpost on smp4. If you are interested send me a pm...
  16. I play make it rain, so I must be a nerd too :p
    There is a point though.. It is to make it rain :)
    Have you tried upgrading your farm?
    - Maximizing the efficiency
    - Maintain drops from pigmen better
    - Large item sorter for all the useless gold
    (It's all about the raw chicken)
    - Adding more sections?

    These were all things Snowy and I just did because we were bored. Not for the gold.. Just to build something amazing :)
  17. That is debatable...
  18. Why no joking replies? Jokes are a great way to get rid of boredom :D.
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