i am selling 1800 diamonds

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  1. i am selling my 1800 diamonds for 99k first to tell me gets them this is not an auction just tell me and u get them right away =)
  2. Wow. Nobody has 99k. I'll pay 10k though, if nobody comes up with a better offer.
  3. why did u reply when it clearly says 99k and this is no auction if ur not interested???
  4. Skilled creeper has over 99k
  5. Randomzh has it xD 6x the money you ask ;)
  6. You realize you're trying to sell the diamond for 55 per? If you're gonna sell it in bulk like that you shouldn't sell it at a higher price than most people are willing to pay in the first place.
  7. ok.. but im sorry if im not clear i didnt ask for advice, i didnt ask for u guys to come in and not place a bid and i know 55 is high but i didnt force anyone to buy right? so why do u guy come in here and complain , i really dont get it like i said i know 55 is high but its not like im forceing anyone to buy, so pls no more unecesary comments. just coment if u want to buy.
  8. I wouldn't take it as complaining rodoet. We're a friendly community here and they were just trying to give you advice. It's simply unlikely that someone will buy bulk anything at cost, in the real world or in Minecraft. The main reason for buying something in bulk is convenience of the seller getting a bit less money for the convenience of it all at once.
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  9. ok =( sorry guys im a bit on edge i just had a huge fight with my mom and sister =((((
  10. I wasn't complaining. Like Jeremy said I was simply informing you of how selling in Bulk should work. You can try to sell it at this price all day but I will be very surprised if someone buys the diamond off you. I am trying to help you, not complain. That many diamonds should go for like 35 per, that way it's a deal on both ends, now I know it's 36k less than you want, but you'd still be getting 63k and the other person would be getting a whole lot of sweet sweet gems.
  11. Wait didnt you buy all those diamonds to build a diamond house and now you are selling them? Just a suggestion but maybe selling them individually or in smaller amounts will get more customers as the small amount of players who have 99k wouldnt spend it all on diamonds or need that much.
  12. Very good suggestion. Maybe sell 50 at a time? That's a big enough amount to post on the forum IMO, and you could even have an auction maybe witha fare cap price.
  13. thx guys but i just sold all for 45 each ;.( like i said i really neded money i was gonna build a diamond house but i only had 3 stacks of diamond blocks so thats not enough and i had like 100r left
  14. Ah fudge. I was about to make a similar offer to what they sold for. Guess I was late to the party, lol.
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  15. Hey guys rodeot used to have 99k i saw on one of his posts and he needs to make 5r profit for each one because this is a amazing offer because who has this much diamond? you could be the replacment of mal if you are in smp3 who knows if i had 99k i know i'de buy it
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  16. woah woah woah when did I become in play ._.
  17. thx =)
  18. Good for you selling it at at that price! 45r is reasonable, I would be willing to pay that for a couple here and there. I was simply just trying to enlighten you on the bulk sales process is all.
  19. wish id seen this earlier... oh wait... i only have 28r.
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  20. WHAT POST DID YOU DELETE?! TELL ME! sorry caps... :p

    I cant type fast enuff to retype it