I am Satchiko.

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  1. Names Satchiko or Satch for short.
    I am a 42 year old Army vet. 12B Combat Engineer -HDC-

    I'm an ex WoW player (Blizz screwed up the last expac)
    Played MC in console for a bit to learn the ropes. after i left WOW I missed the community.tried acouple other servers but this one <Empire> seems to fit the bill for me.
    I am very very quiet and tend to keep to my self ( not shy, just Introvert) until i get to know person.
    I can also get very OCD about builds and projects like my branch mines (If you find one you'll know)
    Please don't muck'em up on me.

  2. Welcome to the Empire!
  3. Thank You!
  4. Welcome to EMC, I hope you enjoy it here. :)
  5. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  6. Welcome to EMC Satch! :) If you ever need anything please don't hesitate to ask.
  7. I all ready am. thank you for the welcome!
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  8. Will do. Thanks!
  9. Welcome to EMC, If you need some talking or help I hang on SMP8. Don't be scared of the message when you type /SMP8. On Smp8 no one is actually married except SeffyChan to every 3rd Player. But this does not include me. The funny this is that you are exactly 10years younger than me. Were I come from the people who are exactly 10years younger or older have a little more luck. Its just a myth that the whole town speaks about.
  10. Welcome to EMC! I'm sure you'll come across quite a few branch mines yourself, and branch mines that cut into branch mines that cut into branch mines.

    There are also a fair number of military veterans on this server.

    If you're missing WoW, might I suggest Guild Wars 2? It's a non-subscription game that recently went F2P. Free accounts have a few restrictions but no level restrictions like free WoW accounts. They have some restrictions when it comes to what you can sell at the trading post and you can't access certain things like PVP and World PVP until you reach a certain level, not that leveling is too hard.

    What's good for new players is that you can try the game out for free and see if you like it. If you do, instead of buying the core game like everyone else did before it went F2P, all you have to do is buy the new expansion and you get all restrictions lifted and the expansion. This is a great deal for new players, kinda lame for original players who bought the original game and will have to buy the expansion if they want it too. If you don't buy anything, you still have access to the majority of the game's content.
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  11. Welcome to the Empire!
  12. Arrrgg a ex veteran! Well matey you find yer' self a good server to be with!

    But in all seriousness welcome to EMC! Where we as a community welcome everyone! Well hope to see you around! :)
  13. Welcome! Hope to see you around.
  14. Welcome to EMC :D
  15. Thank you for your service.

    And don't worry, you're prob not OCD. You just like shit done right. :D
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  16. Welcome to the Empire, Satchiko.

    As an old ex-WoW player and experienced minecrafter I can asure you that this community is absolutely worthy, I'm sure you'll find a group with which you'll get along with perfectly, just take csre about that quirky individuals of smp8, they'll slap you on the face with a fish sooner or later :p.

    If you have any question or need help with anything at all just ask for help on the Town chat and someone will help you. I myself hang on the smp9_ if you like the medieval style you're invited to visit my project at /v Cuervo (spam).

    Love your formatting.

    PD: if you think you're OCD mining click on the 'Mining Guide' button of my signature ;)
  17. Welcome to the Empire! Do you also go by Satchiko-chan?
  18. I don't think "chan" works for a 42-year-old military vet. Just saying.
  19. Welcome to The Empire! I am sure you will find a nice group of people to hang out with.