I am making signature name things.... For Free!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by SthenosX, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. Due to them breaking I am no longer making them :(
  2. I would like one that says Cordial_Pie, and could it be green, like a forest green?
    Also, I would like it to be in cursive, and instead of green could it be pink?
  3. Ignoramoose and I would like one each please if you have time.
  4. These are fun! I love mine :D Thanks!
  5. You want a girly font i presume?
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  6. Could i get one that says Xxandser700xX on it? It would be awesome if you could use something from rainbow unicorn attack into it also.
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  8. Nope, I want a manly font...unless the girly is really detailed =)
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  9. What color?
  10. I also need a color for you and ignora's.
  11. Oh sorry. Rainbow
  12. Im am sorry but there isnt (to my knowledge) an HTML color code for Rainbow :(
  13. Mine a light blue like diamond or any blues...
    Moose's green like angry bird pig green...he loves those things
  14. You couldent even make each letter a bright color of the rainbow? If you cant hen pink.
  15. Yes to color, no to design...my y's are messed up

    can you get close to this color?
  16. If anyone dosent like there font, Please let me know. There is a lot of them and it is hard to choose sometimes.
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  17. oidgod. Pure black. Nothing more. Blank. Plain.
  18. Okay sure Could I have one that is Stads.... not _Stads_... Uh could it have like different blues, such that match the Stads Co logo in my signature?
  19. Oh and may I just ask; what are you using in order to make these? A generator or just an image manipulation program?