I am looking for a partner for a business idea.

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  1. My idea, a nice looking pub/tavern. Since taverns are being pushed aside for casinos, I thought, why not make a good one that people will want to come to? It wound't be the biggest thing on EMC, but it also doesn't have to. I have some menu ideas. I was also thinking that a small motel could be added on. If you would like to help me with this, please let me know! Also, i'm asking for help, as a I need another lot. It could be any sever but I would prefer not Utopia. The rupees we make would be split 50/50. Once again, let me know if you would like to help!
  2. bro i could cuz i can get food and make stuff in the pub.the food would be easy for me because i have a MASSIVE oven on smp6 and it works great when its fully loaded and i get about 32 peices of cooked shicken and i just moded it to cook pigs/cows so i can supplie food easily.
  3. I have no Idea what you just said.
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  4. I'm with you xD

    I could help but I wouldn't be there all the time.
  5. lol there i changed it
  6. Is the lot empty?
  7. Mine? No not at all.
  8. brandop is tellin the truth its a massive oven that is redstone controlled it opens a hole and chickens fall and get burned while cooking the food works great i would recomend him as a partner great ideas with this kid, i walso run a 4 story shop at 12621 smp 6 if your ever in the neighbourhood
  9. mines not Fully empty but i have alot of room for something like this i just need to take a few trees down.
  10. I have a great lot that could work for this next to spawn
  11. What sever.
  12. IF you can get me 2 of each animal (cow, maybe moosh, pig, chicken) I can cook them in my 30 oven super cooker. I can clear out some animal cages and trees, but besides that its just my shop. Im at 13266 on SMP6, and I'm on California Time, so if your on the East Coast, it would be 10:51 as I'm posting this.
  13. I dont really want to have to buy a partner. So far, Im going with Brett and use Brandops cooker.
  14. No, I'm just saying i need some animals, i can find someone to get animals, but if you need a mostly open lot, i can help you build.
  15. smp6
  16. hey if ur working with brett and using my cooker i want some pay for it then.
  17. I was talking to brett.
  18. oh
  19. Anyone else? Bret hasn't been on yet so well we wait, anyone want to do this?
  20. me