I am leaving :(

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  1. Well, I have been playing on EMC since the beginning of August, I was the 312 member on the site and I was one of the maybe thirty active players originally. I joined right after the first outposts were set up, and since then I have seen the Empire grow and change, reaching heights I never really expected. I have watched almost all of the original players leave, and those that stayed mainly became Mods. I have so little time now for the game, and it makes me sad to say this, but I say goodbye to EMC today. This includes my two other profiles, Creepy_SM and Metal_Creeper. I hope the best to you all, and though I am leaving, I will still come back to the site every once in a while to check up on the progress of this amazing community.

    Thank you Justin and ICC for making this incredible server a reality, I am beyond grateful.
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  2. Technically, he's still Jeremy. But farewell to you, and I hope you have fun without us. (no, really.) Why are you leaving again, though?
  3. Hey, its said to see you leave the Empire, have a great life. Didn't quote get to Well known Member.
    Now here come all the people going to ask for Rupees,
  4. Haha, they will be sadly disappointed zSlum. I never did have many rupees, I never really cared for the money aspect of the server. And Secret, my reason is I just have to much to do in real life, I have my flying lessons which take up a heck of a lot of time each week, and my normal school, which is made harder by the fact that I am in grade 9 approaching my end of year exams, and I am trying to get my marks up so that I can get better courses in High school. That is just the tip of the iceburge, but you get the jist of it.
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  5. You're taking flying lessons?!? That's awesome. Well, goodbye, and good luck with your exams, high school, and everything else!
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  7. Hey bro, you will be missed. Don't completely leave us...you're one of the originals.
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  8. Congrats on the flying lessons! 16 is the minimum age here in the U.S. :) What is the minimum age up there in Canada?

    I am happy to see that you have your priorities in line. You will be missed here in EMC but IRL has to take a front seat to anything you do. We will be here for as long as IRL doesn't become oppressive on our own schedules. :)
    Stop by for a chat anytime you wish.
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  9. Josh, the system used to record how long a person has been on has changed with EMC, trust me, I have been on since August, I know this because I was nearly late for the first day of school because of being on EMC. ICC, I will never completely leave EMC, I don't think I have it in me to do that :). And Twitch, in Canada the minimum age to start learning is 14, and you can get your Glider licence at the age of 16, and your single engine licence at 17.
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  10. No don't leave! Too many people have been leaving! Stop it!

    P.S. Can i haz ur rups?


    We will all miss you zander
  11. Thank you Terr.
  12. We'll miss ya buddy :(
  13. you will be missed I remember you you were on when I first joined and needed a res (I was super noob then) and you were in this guys Halloween shop style thing.
  14. How do you become Active Member to Well-Known Member (I plan to go Diamond once I reach Well-Known)
  15. You have to be awesome like me.
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  16. I see.
  17. you must also get enough trophy points
  18. I see again. :p
  19. I don't know how many trophy points but i think its 500posts and 100 likes
  20. :cool: Challenge Accepted.