I am leaving EMC and MC for 3-4 weeks.(No joke)

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  1. I had figured I am kinda behind in school work. So I am gonna leave for about 3-4 weeks. I might sign in every other weekend to say hello and maybe play for a bit. But, I did have a drop party on 2/5/13. It started out with about 4 people. Then people started joining rapidly. Thanks to the awesome Aikar! He brought most of smp5 to my alt's res on smp9. It really gave me a heart warming goodbye. I will miss all of EMC and MC itself. Anyways, Goodbye for now. It's been really fun and I will miss all the players, moderators, and administrators. Bye :(

    EDIT: Turns out 3-4 weeks may be 1-2 months
  2. We will miss you too! But it is very important to focus on school. Good luck to you in school and I look forward to seeing you back when you catch up!
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  3. Thank you so much! I can't wait to come back and spend a long time with you guys!
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  4. Goodbye.. If you'd like to place a quiting block in my Museum 1918. Be welcomed too. You may bring 1 block of your choice and items to place in a chest.

    Visit again soon..
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  5. Alright I can come on just for a second and place the block. Thank you

    EDIT: I am on your res now :p
  6. Nothing wrong with a little break!
    We'll still be running (if IcC/Aikar doesn't TNT us first :p) when you can come back!
    Good luck in school!
  7. Thank you! And crossing my fingers he doesn't TNT you guys while I am gone!
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  8. Alright, lemme get on :)
  9. Good luck!
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  10. Thank you!
  11. Bye, have a nice life!
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  12. Thanks so much! I can't wait to come back. I will miss EMC so much
  13. Good luck with everything! We hope to see you again as soon as possible! ;)
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  14. as a mom i would have to say yes school is definitely more important then EMC, but as a gamer i also have to say will miss you and hope to see ur return soon dude :)
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  15. Thank you! I can't wait to come back to EMC, I know I keep saying that but its true. :) I will return maybe this weekend if I can :D
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  16. Thanx, I totally agree, School is more important. I will miss all of EMC until I return for good
  17. Lol kinda what im doing... just i am focussing on getting this stupid server out... well anyway HAGL (have a great Life)
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  18. Can't wait to see you back :D
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  19. Thanks, and I don't wanna ask what is making you dislike EMC...