I am Kit

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  1. Hello! /)^3^(\

    My name is Kit, not Joe. It's a long story. Oh by the way, are there ingame names? It'd be great if I could pick one with "Kit" in it. But anyhow...

    I like to build things and harvest resources from the wastelands. I like to collect a sample of all the basics as though I have a growing zoo. I'll probably stick to building in Town since the risk of malicious griefing in the Frontier. I mostly play by myself, but sometimes I enjoy interacting with others.

    Thanks for the cake, Meme808! :D
  2. Just a tip.

    Griefing hardly ever happens after you go out 1000 blocks,griefers are a slightly lazy lot:p
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  3. Welcome :) What server do you live on?
  4. Griefers are not something you have to worry about. If you were to head around 5k out then chances are you would not get griefed.
  5. Welcome, Kit
  6. Welcome to the Empire :)
  7. Welcome to the empire! :D
  8. Um... :confused: *does research* Oh! I live on 8.
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  9. Welcome to the empire!
    Nice to see that you are establishing yourself in game, and like to mine!
    SMP8 is a fun bunch, that is for sure!
    Be sure and stop by the other smps as well!
  10. Welcome to the Empire, Kit! :)