I am Cordial_Pie

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  1. Hello I am new to the empire and my name is Cordial_Pie!
    I was searching for a nice server and I found Empire Minecraft.
    I chose my username because I like pie and Cordial just sounds awesome.
    Tell me about yourself!
  2. Hi there! What will your home sever be?
  3. Well, you found a very nice server indeed! Welcome! Make sure you read the whole Empire Guide and refer to it if you have questions. If the answer's not in the guide, we're happy to help. I'm SpaceShuttleFan, resident space nerd and proud owner of residence #1337.
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  4. Choose SMP1
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  5. I am on smp2 but I will make sure to jump around :)
  6. Welcome to the Empire.
  7. Welcome to EMC enjoy yer stay :D
  8. Welcome to the Empire, be prepare to meet interesting people here :)
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  9. Welcome to the empire. May your stay here be long and prosperous :)
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  10. I have already said so in-game, but hello cordial_pie. I look forward to having you as a neighbor on smp2 =)
  11. Welcome! Newcomers advice: Stay away from JackBiggin and AsscreamCow. Don't ask why. Just do it.
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  12. Who?
    I have to ask why.
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  13. because they will haunt you....

    im also from smp2. glad to have you around!
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  14. Jackbiggin is a player. asscreamcow (im guessing is icecreamcow?), one of the two admins
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  15. way to ruin the fun...
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  16. Ello pie :p Hope we become great friends! :D
  17. I don't get your grudge against them. Did they ban you or something? :confused:
  18. Nah, just an inside joke with Jack, and plus, I like saying AsscreamCow.
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  19. So uh, Its sounds like cream you put on your uh, yeah.