I am confused on enchanting.

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  1. How do you get level 30 enchantment?
  2. You need to have 30 levels and 3 lapis lazuli in the lapis slot.
  3. Take an item put it into an ench. table with enough bookshelves around it put 3 lapis lazuli next to it and click the lvl 30 enchantment
  4. I tried that but it still wont let me. How many bookshelves?
  5. If you put the enchantment table in the middle of a 5x5 outline of a square using book shelves it should give you lvl 30 :)
  6. 5x5 all the way around right?
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  7. Yep, should be a one block buffer between the bookshelves and the table itself, the enchantment table should not touch any of the bookshelves, if you need reference, check out "/v 7180 enchant" I added bookshelves on top for extra decoration :)
  8. Than you! Ill tell you if it works
  9. Hmmm it still didnt work.
  10. make a screenshot of the setup and the interface with lapis and item in it and show us
  11. are you sure you actually have 30 levels to spend on the enchantment?
  12. The enchantmrnt itself costs 3 levels, but you need at least 30 for it to become available.
  13. yeah, if you don't have the levels then you'll see the enchantment appear but it'll be grayed out
  14. Not sure what you mean here, the maximum level for some enchantments vary but normally it won't go beyond V ( like Efficiency V). You need 30 XP levels, 15 surrounding bookshelves (note: you need 1 empty block around the table) and 3 lapis lazuli in order to have the option to use level 3 enchantments. Also note that it'll cost you a maximum of 3 XP levels. So don't let that fool you either, the lapis more or less compensates for that.

    This website explains the whole process in more detail.
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