I am back...

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  1. I am back after a very, very long time (almost 2 years since I used the server, maybe more?) I have completely forgotten how to use this server! Please halp?!
  2. /tutorial, and Hi back, I am sky.
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  3. Hi thanks. Yep I just checked my profile and it's been about 2 years. I'm a noob again and I don't like it lol :(.
  4. Thats a huge dad joke.
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  5. Oh so much has changed it's insane :p
    I joined January 2012 and so much has changed :p
    I recommend /tutorial to catch up like sky recommended.
  6. Hey welcome back. The Empire Wiki can help you. If you ever want to meet me, Im on Smp2 ;)
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  7. Welcome back :)
  8. Hello Cpt ;)
    qwert doesn't play much anymore but I'm still around if you need help with anything.
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  9. Thanks guys. I'm learning as I go along once again, it's been painful without good internet, now all I need is a better laptop :/. If I disappear, it is due to major over heating... Ahh Hello Simon! shame he doesn't play anymore, and thanks :).
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  10. Welcome back! There are many very helpful people out there to lend a hand. :)
  11. Welcome back!!!