I am back in business!

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  1. 'Yello. I think I want to "announce" this, seeing as I feel so nostalgic coming back here!

    Well, short summary is; I'm back on the server, and will probably stay for quite a while!
    I used to be stationed in 4 plots in a square on SMP8, but I'm on SMP7 now.

    Those who remember me, pay me a visit sometime! :)
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  2. It's always as nice to see a member as old as yourself returning. :) Though I never met you back when you were active, I hope to see you a lot from here out out! :D Welcome back!
  3. Welcome back! :)
  4. Welcome back to the Empire! If you have any questions, just PM me! I hope you enjoy your stay back. Welcome home to the empire =).
  5. Hi ZimfurrY. Great to see older players returning. Welcome back. :)
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  6. Welcome back. :) I am glad to see that other veterans are still coming back.
  7. Thanks for the replies, people! I felt straight at home the second I logged back in. :)
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  8. Welcome back! :)