I am AN ASTRONAUT! Volume 1

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  1. here are the Screenshots!
    2015-02-16_19.45.57.png 2015-02-16_19.45.58.png 2015-02-16_19.46.00.png 2015-02-16_19.46.01.png 2015-02-16_19.46.03.png 2015-02-16_19.46.04.png 2015-02-16_19.46.06.png 2015-02-16_19.46.07.png 2015-02-16_19.46.09_2.png 2015-02-16_19.46.10.png 2015-02-16_19.46.13.png 2015-02-16_19.46.14.png 2015-02-16_19.46.16.png 2015-02-16_19.46.17.png 2015-02-16_19.46.27.png 2015-02-16_19.46.29.png 2015-02-16_19.46.34.png 2015-02-16_19.46.41.png 2015-02-16_19.46.43.png

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  2. All because of the lag...
  3. NO I was glitching up there there is a way to do it but I dont give secrets its all about the mouse tho
  4. I Died in this one 2015-02-16_19.48.07.png
  5. Are you sure? That appears to be block glitching to me :p
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  6. Hm, when was this? Why are there so many people?
  7. the slumber party?
  8. Reminded me of spiders more then astronauts, but hey follow your dreams! :3
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  9. I like that comment except spiders only climb when chasing someone so maybe I am a spider chasing my dreams
  10. Spiders climb whenever they want to climb.

    I also believe that astronauts/cosmonauts go into space and don't just float a few metres above the ground :p
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  11. um actually first thing is true but I went to level 254 and couldn't no more because of a block above me ask RainbowChin he will tell you
  12. the res is still there tp there and check you y-axis and tell me that I didn't make it to the bottom of that block
  13. You were still only 254 metres above the ground (assuming 1 block actually is 1 metre) - to be in 'outer space' (where astronauts/cosmonauts go ;) :p) you need to be 107,846 metres in the air :p
  14. Going to take a pretty large TNT cannon for that.
  15. true but I mean I did get the highest block gltiching from what I know and I can make good tnt cannons that launch tons of blocks I never measured but they destroy them selves after the first try