I am a little annoyed now...

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  1. I get on the forums and here is what I see...

    (IP has been censored)
    (Sorry for the sloppy job, it was done on my ipod. :p)


    I know you want more new players, so why do you allow other servers to advertise here?
    You may not have any control over this, but at least try to block other minecraft server ads.
  2. I have got this also. I am not looking at other servers. Google will also pick up words in articles or sites. t isn't aikar allowing this, it is google. Bet he can block it now :).
  3. As Olaf said its most likely google doing this and your search history. So that means you been looking at other servers behind Emc's back. D: *cries

    Jk :p
  4. Well, not always... I think it was Olaf that made the other ad thread because he got Asian women and toenail clippers in his ad bar at the top. Hopefully, he has not been googling Asian women.
  5. Haha. Don't forget crackers.

    When Googling something like "Empire Minecraft server", Google will take "Minecraft server" as a key word. If I search "Asian food" it could detect the key word "Asain" and if someone has a company that pays for the ad's and has that in their name, that could be listed as an add.
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  6. Oh I saw it but didnt put any thought into it, thought it was like a single player mod.

    If I see it again ill block it. Ads are able to run on the site w/o review but I can block them after we see them.

    The owner of that site likely directly placed the ad on here (I might do that to some myself >_>)
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  8. Yea whatever Olaf does outside of Emc is non of my concern. :D
  9. If you saw my thread, I can assure I look at none of those. Not all ad's are based off google search and web history. Also, you are right that it is non of your concern :p.
  10. But Olaf if you ever do want to "Chat to Asian women for free"
    <- I'll be on smp5 ;)
  11. You can specifically target a website to show your ad, its not 100% interest based.

    Otherwise I might would have to be emailing a lot of parents based on all those naughty ads we use to get....
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  12. You mean the dating ads?
    Oh god why...
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  13. Haha lmao that's good.
  14. Thank you for the offer but I bet there are hidden fees :p.
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  15. There are, I unfortunately didn't read the fine print.
  16. no no we are good service. you happy yes?
    Neither did Torian. :p