I am 15 in 5 hours, 30 minutes. AMA

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  1. Why?
    Because of reasons, of course.
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  2. AWW YIS
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  3. What made you become so interested in economics? Do you want a job in economics once you've finished school/further education? Happy birthday for tomorrow anyway! :D

    I've still got a long wait till i'm 15 :( http://itsalmo.st/#jakesbirthday, but at least i'll get a new computer :D
  4. Why lava walls...... Why not pie walls?
  5. Do you think I'm pretty?
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  6. Do you happen to like potatoes?
    I swear if you don't....
  7. Will you eat an unholy abundance of cake on your bifday?
  8. y u take mi bifday.
  9. Becuz heh can, jacey.
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  10. pur me n zembehs
  11. I suppose an interest would've came about in economics naturally at some point for me, because it's all about solving one big problem; people have infinite wants, and there's not enough resources in the world to fulfill them. I'm a self-centred person by nature, so I have a focus on getting what I want more than others, so naturally the art of using resources to maximise efficiency and allow as many of my infinite demands to be met as possible is something which interests me.
    I first looked it up for use in Minecraft, really. I'm always trying to structure communities, so economics helps. A prime example of the applications of economics to Minecraft is the New Republic. A topic in economics is macroeconomic objectives, basically a set of 4/5 goals for the economy.
    Because of economics, I know that if taxes are cut, production increases, allowing for economic growth. If growth gets out of hand and skyrockets, then the economy is bound to come tumbling down, so I can just have taxes in the NR increased to slow down growth and keep it sustainable, thereby meeting a macroeconomic objective. I also must take into account that reduction in taxes means the government may have less money and may not be able to provide quality public service, decreasing the quality of life. Economics is all about weighing up these costs and benefits of these kinds of decisions, and acting where the benefits outweigh the costs.

    Also, I want to establish a business, and use the funds to fund a political career. I eventually plan to stand in election on every level of government, from being a local Councillor all the way to being a Member of the European Parliament, storming through each position with my solutions and personality, before taking to the world stage and setting up an authority which, if successful, could become a world government. But yes, I may be an economist, a journalist, or both before that. :)

    Lava walls are lava walls.
    Pie walls are not lava walls.
    Therefore, lava walls are more excellent.

    Extremely. <3

    I partially do, mainly because I am partially of Irish ancestry.
    Fun fact: The potato crop in Ireland failed last year, they had to import potatoes from Latvia. Latvia.

    What a silly question. (☞゚∀゚)☞
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  12. What do you think about Jeffrey Dahmer?... not like I am him or anything.
  13. Eh, I don't tend to have a very high opinion of murderers. :)
  14. This is an English server and website. Please limit speaking other languages to Private Conversations. :p
  15. She was speaking English, Just terribly
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  16. я знаю. (I know)
  17. Oh I thought of one, do you watch 'the apprentice'? :p
  18. Yes, it's an okay show.