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  1. The HWNM is an acronym for Helping & Welcoming New Members. That's exactly what this organization is for. It seems that a lot of people leave early on because they're bored, or don't understand the server. They also may not feel welcomed. But, the HWNM is to change that.

    Goals of the HWNM:
    • To help new members create their dream residence
    • To welcome new members
    • To have more people join the wonderful EMC community
    • To create a helpful, happy, and positive environment.
    What we do to achieve that goal:
    • Provide those who have less than us with things we can afford to lose.
    • Tell people who are looking for servers or are interested in one about EMC, but be honest about it
    • Befriend new people
    • Help members understand EMC, what happens on this server, and how it works.
    PM me to ask questions about the HWNM, or comment them. Take this survey to join, or PM me. Depending on how successful this gets, I may make update forums monthly or every two months.

    Members -
    • xPastelle (Founder)
    • SteamboatWillie
  2. Great idea! Took the survey
  3. Thank you, I'm looking into your response now. :)