Hunger Games mini game (suggestion)

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is this a good idea

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  1. this sounds like a very fun idea to me what if emc had a annual Hunger Games every month like every year in panem if you have seen/read the books or movies all we need is a arena i would be able to stock every chest aka spawn :) all i need is a admin to help me. how i plan is that the arena would be bedrock and once the games are over the bedrock shall be removed and at the begging/spawn/conorcopia a sign saying this is were the #/##/### games were played. my plans Rules: 1. you may do anything you like to try and win the games 2. you may break all blocks 3. no glitchs/hacks 4. may the odds be ever in you favor. BTW it would be held in waste a bit far out. 5 if bedrock doesnt go all the way down then no going under wall or you will be auto out. and you only get 1 life. so ya this is just a suggestion
  2. 2 are selected from each server. 22 total players. Only one will survive. Only one will continue on Empire.... If you lose, you get banned for a week mauahahhaha
  3. I believe a hunger games arena has been "added" to the suggestions for the PVP server, if that is still going to be a thing.
  4. that sounds scary
  5. Annual Hunger Games every month like every year?

    I am so confused. Pm me some details and we might be able to make an event happen....
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  6. An annual hunger games every month? xD
  7. The missing commas make that sentence seem weird lol.

    "...what if EMC had an annual Hunger Gamesm every month, like every year in Panam." AKA, "monthly".
  8. I like it...Minus the banning lol