Hugs for sale!!!

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Were our hugs magical?

yes 5 vote(s) 25.0%
no 12 vote(s) 60.0%
I want more hugs!!! 3 vote(s) 15.0%
  1. Hugs For Sale!
    Yes, we have hugs for sale! haven't you ever sat there all sad thinking, i wish i could have the best hug ever right now?! Well you can for a small payment. At this moment you can buy hugs from three of the best huggers on EMC, Darksuperlord, Thirstymoose, and me, MasterMockery.
    MasterMockery Hug : 5K
    ThirstyMoose hug : 3K
    Darksuperlord: 2K
    And for the adventurous, we have packages:

    The DarkMoose Package:
    Includes a Darksuperlord and a Thirstymoose hug
    cost: 4K

    The Mocking moose package:
    Includes a MasterMockery and a Thirstymoose hug
    cost: 6K

    The Dark Master package:
    Includes a Darksuperlord and a MasterMockery hug
    cost: 6K

    and finally the

    OMG holy crap Dark Mocking moose package:
    This includes all three of our hugs!
    cost: 8K
    all hugs come with a certificate of authenticity and the hugs never lose their magic
    all hugs are nonrefundable for as they are the best freaking hugs you will ever receive. If your hug is not magical then buy another and you will then feel the magic
  3. So this is why Moose tried to get me to pay him 5k for a hug.....wut is dis and why.....
  4. 2013-08-10_02.24.31.png Hug Booth! Now available on smp2 ./v MasterMockery :D
  5. this is because our hugs are flipping awesome, not just awesome, but really flipping awesome :eek:
    the world needs to see and experience our hugs
  6. So you're charging 2-3k for a hug?

  7. That explains why ThirstyMoose was trying to sell me a hug... :confused:
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  8. How do you give a hug in minecraft?
  9. I prefer creepers, they don't charge and they give gunpowder.
  10. you can get a hug from a creeper, but their hugs hurt you and aren't magical like ours!
  11. Interesting...
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  12. Wouldn't hurt as much as my wallet if i would hug you.
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  13. All darksuperhugs are unavailable until late Sunday EST
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  14. This is so weird! :confused:
  15. Get a creeper instead.They are free and even give you gunpowder.And as for the explosion,just have a few apples on hand to heal you.

  16. I sit there all sad because I don't have enough rupees for a hug in the first place D:
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  17. These are premium hugs, we are sorry you cannot afford
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