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  1. Guess what I found? Some people may have already seen or heard about this, but a huge troll is on Youtube saying untrue things about MC. The video is "Minecraft is Destroying American Youth". Here is a censored list of what he said.
    1. Notch's name is Killaj*w, and he's a discgrace and ruining the youth (sorry to anyone who's Jewish)
    2. MC promotes animal abuse (hunting which humans have done for millenia)
    3. MC promotes r**e (look at the video0)
    4. MC promotes *bleep* abusing children
    5. Anyone who plays it is a *bleep*ing r*bleep*rd
    5. MC is a r*bleep*rded game that everyone plays
    6. It is not the American Way to play MC
    7. MC is a violent video game
    8. He says people who play it aren't right in the head
    9. He says people on the Internet are turning American youth into idiot baffoons that do nothing but sit behind a keyboatd all day, ruining society
    10.He says he's representing America when he says that playing this game won't help us fight the terrorists
    11. He says he represents the authority in America, and an open free America, the free world
    12. MC is s**t
    13.He thinks we should be doing more homework in school and more tests
    14. He says to people who play Minecraft f**k you and to people who decide to play video games instead of learn or look about god, f**k you, you are going to h**l
    15. People who play Minecraft are r***rded
  2. People also say the following:
  3. This is not a troll anymore, but a mad men. Sanity has some funny ways to leave you sometimes. Anyways, giving him attention will strengthen him. So in this way he is a troll "Don't feed the troll". Ignore him, dont look after this video or what ever. Eventually he gets bored. I don't even start to argue how every single argument of him is made up. If you feel like you have to react to him, go see the ultra long version of nyan cat and you will have other things to worry about :3.

    Greetz Hasorko
  4. You sound mad bro.
  5. I feed trolls all the time. SillyWhiteMage is still alive isn't she?
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  6. My replies in bold.
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  8. Nah mad is the wrong word. Just used strong words XD The german in me came through.

    And jeah Silly seems well fed :3

    Edit: That doesn't matter that is says so. I finish longer post like this. :)
  9. Just a guy trying to get his 15 minutes of fame. Seems like it's working.
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  10. It is also to invade foreign nations under trumped up pretenses, kill their despotic leaders, and replace said leader with our own despots.
  11. Yeah.. I Saw that video today. If you click at Automatic Update on Comments Observe 30 comments each minute. Full of Insults
  12. WOWWW.... *crys* He said I'm r*****ed *crys* He said mainly everyone in the word is a F***ing baffoon WAHHHHHH!!! *CRYS HARDLY*
  13. It's okay man, it's okay.
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  14. You know, I think the homeless rate for trolls must be sky high. Surely there's not enough bridges in the world to accomodate all of them.
  15. So, so, sad.. no one 'got' my first post :(
  16. Insulting me :(
  17. And everybody who plays minecraft
  18. He say we should go learn, study, do exam blah blah.
    He prolly got F and rage cos his friend play MC and git better grade :p
    I doubt he even know how to make cobblegen. Cos he's derp and rage cos he can only dig dirt with hand.
    Poor retarded derp.

    He should come play GTA with me and I'll show him what is violence is.
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