Huge Titles over residencies

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  1. would it not be nice?

    How: supporters can enable Titles in the middle of their res, so from a far away distance you will see large titles, example: I decide to explore the area around my res, I look at a res and see a big title over it,
    im like, ok nice, lets go visit it. Kinda like that. it will work like this, player types /title t/f (t stands for true and f stands for false). if he/she types y/n then it will enable or disable. the default title will be welcome to (whoever the owner is) res. you can change it by doing to following command /res title (whatever you want it to say).

    Why: as said noticed before it is so a player exploring can see a title over someones res.

    question? ask here
  2. I don't think this is possible...
  3. I know there are ways of increasing name tags. and also have you been to pvp( :D ) there is a thing saying to do /cr
  4. That's not huge though.
  5. if Aikar or someone else goes deep enough they can do anything
  6. almost
  7. Why not? Can't it simply use the /title command?
  8. Because I don't think font sizes can be changed.
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  9. Use something to check where the player is looking and display a title according to that thing. I've got something along these lines on most of my SP worlds using command blocks
  10. Aah, okay! I get it now. You mean you actually want to have it seem like there's a title in the middle of a residence.
    Hm, if possible, I don't think it'd be worth it.