Huge Public Farm, SMP2 - Donations Please!

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by AlexC__, Mar 4, 2012.

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  1. This project has already cost me approximately 64 000r. It will be a huge farm on lot 4006, SMP2 - consisting of sheep, sugar cane, melons, possibly wheat.
    I am asking for donations of smooth stone, glowstone, glass, seeds, wood, pistons, redstone and possible more. This project will benefit the whole entire community, so PLEASE donate at lot 4007 - next to the site - any of the required materials!

    Work so far:
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  2. Great idea alex
    so will it be something like a community farm?
    if you need help with any of the farms you can ask me. :D
  3. Looks like you need some patch up work on some dirt on server land, I'll come by and do that for you if you like.
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  5. TNT, I assume.
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  6. Yep! Thanks, that'd be great, I'll give you a /tell.
    Cheers, that'd really help my workers out!
    Yep, TNT.
  7. Ok, stone is covered for now, more piston donations please? :)
  8. Ill bring some pistons over now
  9. So TNT can damge town?
    Chaos is giong to reign now!
  10. Yea. Same thing happened to my lot on SMP3. 6926. Dark_Liz was kind enough to patch all of the holes at my res for me :)
  11. Cheers, that'd really help out!
    Kind of, most of the time the server stops the outside from blowing up :)
  12. Rupees donations are also much appreciated, these workers are drying out my money ;P
  13. Anyone feeling kind? Really need pistons!

  14. I would really love some blue wool, pistons and rupees!
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  15. I think I got bunch of blue wool :)
  16. Been there, donated :p
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  17. Please sir, may I have some? ;P
    3200r to be exact :p
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  18. I just got on computer. Been on mobile all day :)
  19. I have to come look at it! I might have to dig some stuff up... x3
  20. Alex - You may of already considered this since your asking for alot of pistons, but I think you can pull this off w/o giving build permissions at all.

    Have the pistons auto open/close every so often to break melons/pumpkins/sugarcane, so the items just fall to ground and people can pick them up.

    I think "chunk loaded activity" range will be alot farther than despawn, so items should just continue to build up on the floor .then people simply come collect so often.

    using a monostable circuit you can send a repeating timed pulse fairly easy. (even 1 single monostable circuit could power the entire farm with inverter diodes since they have little less delay than plain repeaters, and are cheaper, and go farther)

    wheat will be very hard to pull off though... maybe a 4 part BUD Switch that requires 3-4 levels of activity on each of the BUD switches in order to activate (meaning, 4 specific pieces of wheat has reached level 4 growth) before a timed water flood is released. then certain people on an approval list can occasionally replant the seeds.

    would be some complicated (and fun!) redstone, but would be ideal to prevent grief.
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