HUGE Exp Farm For Sale! (Work Required)

Discussion in 'Selling' started by Redfutz, Sep 24, 2016.

  1. I found an epic mine with 5 cave spider, 1 spider, 2 zombie, and 1 skeleton spawner all close togather, not close enough for you to stand in 1 spot, but you could run a minecart system to have all 9 Spawners going rapid fire!

    This is not an auction because I have not decided on a price I would accept, but if a reasonable offer comes up I will consider! :)

    Reply to this forum, or /w redletuce or /sendmail redletuce

  2. on which smp?
  3. Is this near your outpost ?
  4. well since no one seemed interested in this farm, I considered just making it my own outpost. also I found more spawners. are you interested @ancientTower?
  5. I don't think there's enough info to come up with a price. It heavily depends on location. For example: how close does this sit to other outposts, and how far away is the spawn?

    Also: I may know someone who might be interested. I can get you into contact with them.
  6. My bank account is not large enough to afford such a mecca of spawners. I was merely asking whether it was near the island you're trying to get established.

    Seems like Shell has someone who might like a big project such as this.
  7. Well the outpost or farm which ever it happens to become, Is about 2 minutes walk out of the spawn. I can take you for a tour if you'd like.
  8. Oh, and yes it is the same place as I intend to establish an outpost so long as no one is interested in buying it, also IF someone later decides to buy it or gain access to it, I would not be opposed! :)
  9. In the mean time I contacted my mysterious contact and asked them to respond to this. We'll see what happens.