HUGE 24 Res Build!

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Which build would you like to see next?

The Fast Travel Station 8 vote(s) 23.5%
The Collesium 14 vote(s) 41.2%
The Residential/ town plaza 8 vote(s) 23.5%
Random City buildings 4 vote(s) 11.8%

    And welcome to the past! This project is a 24 residence build themed off of the Assassins Creed series (a popular console game that started in 2007 and still continues today). I have always been a huge fan of assassins creed and in order to show my interest in it, i decided to create this project on the best mine craft server i have ever discovered with the help of its amazing community!

    Although i very much enjoy designing and building projects such like this one, my main purpose behind this specific project is to create an atmosphere where all players can have a great time exploring an interacting with the build. From shopping at scattered shops around the city to participating in events and mini games, there (will be) many fun features to enjoy. I hope to see you all running around and enjoying your stay soon!

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  2. NEW!

    After a long and exhausting semester i finaly managed to finish design the museum's exterior! This building is roughly 70 blocks wide and 150 blocks long. Currently its built on my sp map but i intend to transfer this building to EMC very soon. As you can see, the amount of quartz it will take to make this building is extremly large so any and all donations would be very grateful ^.^ Once 1.9 comes out ill also mine my life a way to get as much as possible. Also, im in need of a contractor to help build this monster. I will update the build team thread soon with an application for the job. Players will only need schmatica for the job. If interested, please keep a lookout for the update to the build team thread.
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  3. Taadaa the secret is finally released
    I've must personally since I have seen it, it looks amazing .
    Datzmine has put tons of effort into this build and has made it what it is.
    I personally could not hold it in any longer. If there is anyone that truly loves EMC it has to Datzmine
    From the start to the end u can just imagine an assassin using it as his or her play ground
    And also on a very important point FIRST

    (I helped destroy lol cause I suck at building)
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  4. Thanks Realtomsmasher ^.^
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  5. Lol I'm the leader of the deconstruction team
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  6. 25?
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  7. Its better than 24. Lol
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  8. I agree but res claiming can only be done at a max multiple of 4 and I only have 6 accounts. 6X4 makes 24 total. I could buy a max res voucher to make it an even 25 but I think it's already enough I have to get 6 permanent direlect vouchers. Maybe in the distant future I can add a 1 to that 24 :p
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  9. Bump

    Please answer the pole above ^.^
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  11. A bump for all you late nighters in my time zone
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  12. Your support would be greatly appreciated ^.^ Bump
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