Howto establish state / nation / city on smp9

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  1. Ok, i have found a nice place to build my own city. its close enough
    to transport good to others. its far enough to not get hugh problems.
    But what now, i want to establish it with name. and this a bit different then makeing outpost.
    because the distances between city's are less then x blocks.

    And how to mark / agree a borderline i see on pictures on this forum ?
  2. Borderlines are just pictures of the live map ( with lines drawn on them with paint or a similar program.
  3. I answered this in the other post you made - not sure why you decided to make another one about the same thing?

    Whichever city / nation you are bordering, you should contact their leader to decide a mutual boundary and that no one's encroaching on one another. So long as you're the required 3k or more distance then there's not much they can say against it anyways. If you're inside that distance then negotiate with them directly for a mutual territory alliance.

    edit: It would also help if you declared the area you intend to build in so the people in the other parts of Eastern Wilds Territory will know where you are and what your intentions are...

    there are new city states being built out there (kitten3101) so you definitely want to make sure you're not within their intended area as well as the already established cities and nations there.

    Are you north, east, west of the area I outlined in the other thread?
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  4. Started a new thread because its not really establish outpost but more coity / state.
    the idea is to go north, just checked its far enough from spawn. >3K

    If its good idea i want to start a new topic with the decleration of the new city and and name picture where the border is painted on it ? So we can see if there's some adjustment needed.

    Edit: when i have found a good place :eek:
  5. Just FYI. The pictures players draw on maps and post on the forums are not official claims. As people cannot 'claim' any land that way. The only claim to land that staff will back is Establishing the claim. And that does not require a map, just to follow the procedure set out in the stickied Frontier thread.

    However, the maps that players draw is more to arrange with other players the territories they wish to use for building/developing. And it's an excellent system for players to to manage their own communities. :)

    Yea, everything Envie said. Communicate with your neighbors for mutually agreeable territories and development ideas.

    to Establish a base, you must be >5k from all spawn/outpost.
    And >3k from ALL other visually identifiable player bases.

    Hence, it is strongly advised that you head more than just 5k away from an outpost; but rather far into the BLACK unexplored area of the livemap. To guarantee there are no player bases around you. It will make the process of Establishing much faster as well (because i don't have to check in detail all the explored area around a base).
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