How's your coffee?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Traynfreek, Mar 15, 2015.

  1. I made a cup of coffee this morning, and I thought to myself "how does EMC like their coffee?". Well, here I am! I like mine with lots of cream and lots of sugar. I might be able to take straight black coffee, but it depends where its from.
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  2. I don't really like coffee. I'm more of a tea person, but I guess that's because I'm British! :p
  3. Does iced coffee count? XD

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  4. I just like my coffee black :)
  5. I like iced coffee with a small amount of cream and alot of sugar
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  6. Hazelnut coffee creamer/ regular , a few sugar packs or Stevia preferably, and more on the strong side, medium to dark brew blend. Must be at least a Folgers product.
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  7. I like my coffee how I like my lava.

    I don't like lava.
  8. My coffee varies quite a bit. For today's coffee I ground dark roasted Italian beans added some vanilla bean and brewed it. Once it was in the cup I added sugar, cream, and Jameson Irish Whiskey (just a little for flavor). It's delicious! ;)

    Enjoy your morning!
  9. Not much on coffee :/ started this morning with a Mountain Dew voltage XD

    Any how good morning to all see you in the mine :)