How's the lag?

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  1. So, I've made a good many changes to improve the lag situation recently.

    Can everyone give me some feedback on if you've still been seeing any lag issues *consistently*.

    Please note I am NOT asking for feedback when your client is lagging, but specifically for TPS lag when /tps lowers, block lag occurs, chat log occurs, and that everyone is seeing it and not just you.

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  2. I got tons of lag on smp7 in the wild, but that might just be me.... Can anyone back me up on this?
  3. Just use /tps when you think your lagging and it should give you a readout
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  4. I haven't gotten to be in game too much recently but when I am I've noticed a drastic decrease in the amount and frequency of tps lag compared to just a few weeks ago. I believe it was Tuesday that smp7 was hovering around 16 tps for a while but it wasn't really affecting gameplay. And then I had maybe ~3 blocks have block lag when breaking but that went away. Overall the lag has been way better recently so thanks for all the troubleshooting and fixing you've been doing :)
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  5. SMP7 still has its underlying problem, nether chunks are taking super long to load and they shouldn't be.

    DynMap was causing an unnecessary amount of chunk loads though which made the problem really bad, but I lowered how much work dynmap will do at a single tick to make sure it doesnt hurt too much.
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  6. Was the time dilation issue related to the lag issues..?
  7. Never heard of any issue with time... what do you mean?
  8. There are (Or were) moments while out in the wild where the game time shifts forward about 1 hour or so, its usually only noticeable are sunrise/sunset or looking at the sun/moon where the sun/moon noticeably shifts a few degrees hence the time dilation although using the term time dilation is kinda improper usage, I am merely only trying to explain the shift in time. I do not know if this is client-side or server-side, because there is not any noticeable lag on my side with I notice it. I am walking perfectly normal while I see the sun/moon shift.
  9. I would love to see the stats for what is loading the server down during that lag. I know i've seen some old ones you have posted Aikar, but I have some more ideas of what might be done in craftbukkit to prevent the lag spikes. Do you have any stats based on the new builds?

    I also have some ideas on how the stat builder could be more verbose, Averages are not always the most helpful way of finding lag events. There wasn't any lag in the mob arena yesterday, but the server wasn't even full.
  10. I haven't had lag/connection issuses on EMC for a few months ATM.
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  11. I'm guessing the servers are running on Spigot right? Or is it Bukkit?
  12. The major lag, apparently from Bungee, has been fixed, and that was my major problem.
    So lag is much lower, thanks.
  13. There were just a few of us on SMP6 Frontier Wilderness last night and I was experiencing chat and block mining lag.
  14. This might be a little off topic but, uh, theres an ender dragon on SMP5 :p

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  15. Yes, an enderdragon is totally off topic.:eek:

    With smp5 filled to the brim during the mob arena last night, I was seeing 19.6 TPS or better. Checked several times over a few minutes, that seems pretty solid.:)
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  16. Me and Mr lag were starting to get along in my little cottage on smp4. Until one wet, quite night mr lag Decided to lag out poor ol' smp4.
    I dug hole in someone's resident, threw mr lag in the muddy pit and turfed a couple bricks and mud onto mr lag. Now smp4 shall live in peace...
    For now.
  17. Lag: Doing good, players are a bit mean to me though.
  18. How do you mean?
  19. I was experiencing some lag in the Nether last night and noticed something odd when I used F3. When I checked in Town tonight I'm running anywhere from 10 to 30 fps and just a few chunk updates which doesn't seem laggy or anything. Last night in the Nether my fps was higher and I noticed that my chunk updates were much higher. I took a few screenshots and in them my fps ranged from 24 to 53 fps. The chunk updates ranged from 0 to 114.

    I had been in this area for a while so I would have expected the number to slowly go down but it just kept hopping all over the place. Also, since mobs spawn a distance of four chunks from me, I would expect the maximum 64 chunks or maybe 100 chunks at the most to be updating instead of 114.

    Whatever was going on, it got to the point where I stopped playing since I was having a hard time moving safely. In the past I have used Optifine but have been waiting for all the mods to update before I bother. I haven't paid much attention to the number of chunk updates except to observe that they are usually much lower and seem to trend towards zero as I spend time in an area. Are the numbers I saw normal for the Nether?