How will the EULA affect me?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Marshmallow369, Jul 18, 2014.

  1. I want a run down idea of what the EULAwikl do to me? I was a diamond supporter for 2 months
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  3. Well, you will receive one complementary residence making your max res cap 2. You then can earn 2 res vouchers and make your res cap 4. You can THEN buy 2 more and reach the maximum amount of residences (6).
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  4. How do I earn residences?
  5. They can be earned from voting :)
  6. Is there any info about what voting streak you should be to earn a res?
  7. Not currently
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  8. Will I still be able to go to servers 1-9, if I am a supporter. Will I be able use vault to bring things from and to the other servers from Utopia or wherever supporters will be. I want to be ready for anything. I hate not knowing! Lol!
  9. You will be able to do all of that :p
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  10. Will anyone be able to claim a res on utopia? And if I have my 3rd and 4th res will they be taken away?
  11. They won't be taken away, but your limit will decrease so you can't unclaim them. I'm not actually sure about Utopia :confused:
  12. Okay thanks :)
  13. Anyone will be able to claim a utopia res, even free members. However, with the low player cap, I would not recommend that unless you were a supporter since you can only have 1 residence.