How to use the forums: General Tips & Tricks

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  1. Hey guys. As EMC grows, we welcome new members onto the forums and in often times these members don't understand how to use the forums. I'm writing this guide just to let you know of some of the un-official policies/manners and rules that we like to follow. :)


    Try and give detailed explanations, helpful posts
    Try to avoid making posts such as like "haha" or "lol" instead, use the reply option and answer mutliple posts at once.

    Try your best to be polite and mature
    No one likes someone that snaps back and tries to start arguments with everyone.

    No spamming ads in other peoples threads
    Doing so will end up with a bad reputation and thousands of people telling you that it's wrong. Also, it's against the rules.

    Try to use correct grammar/punctuation
    Although it's sad, often the older you seem the more respected you are. It also means more likes if your posts make sense!

    When hosting an auction, follow the requirements
    Make sure that you wait at LEAST 3-4 hours until you bump an auction up. For more info on what and what not to do, visit this page. (thanks Jake_bagby)

    No boosting or asking for likes/trophies
    This is against the rules.

    Searching for suggestions before making them
    The forums are extremely busy, take all the "Tekkit" threads for example. Just one is fine! However, if a thread is old or something else has been introduced, it's alright to make a new thread.

    Bumping old threads
    This will result in so many people attacking you. Although it's considered rude in most situations, bumping a sticky or important thread is fine and most people should stick with you.

    Try not to have super annoying signatures
    No one wants their screen to be blocked by huge, annoying signatures.

    How to upload photos onto your posts.
    1. When posting, there is a button "Upload a File" BELOW the text editor.
    2. Click this, choose the file you would like to upload and follow the basic instructions.

    A faster way to upload an image from the internet is to click the "Insert/Edit Image" button ABOVE the text editor. Get the link of the image itself (not off a webpage, ect.) by right clicking and clicking "Open in new tab." Then paste the URL into the pop-up.

    Bugmo1207 said: Please do not post "FIRST" on a popular post. It only loses you respect and will often be deleted.
    SparerToaster said: Get a browser with auto-correct and use it!
    penfoldex said: Remember to try and "snip" long quotes when replying.
    SpaceShuttleFan said: If you need help, PM someone with "Administrator," "Senior Staff," or "Moderator" under their name, they can help with just about anything.
    IamSaj said: Don't post ban appeals on the forums - private message the staff member that banned you instead.
  2. Nice thread Alex

    Lets hope people read this before traveling around the forums :p
  3. Alex you can't bump locked threads. Just wanted to let you know so you can edit. :)
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  4. Thanks for that, meant sticky'd ;)
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  5. Isn't it true that we all don't appreciate the posters who scream "FIRST!!!1!" when they get the first post?
    I think that should be put in there. You don't have to say it's a rule, since it's not really.
    More like you'll gain more respect if you don't do that and instead put a nice, long reply as your first post. :p
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  6. What the turtle said.
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  7. Thanks for that, added into second post. :)
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  8. This should be added to the guide also, good job Alex!
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  9. Alex You forgot covering this thrase:

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  10. Refresh lol
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  11. Nice tips Alex. You should also include the embed video feature, and not posting 10 giant pictures in one post. Also for new members, should refrain from replying from every post, as it gets quite long and annoying to read all the replies. And don't forget to put snipping long post replies. :)
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  12. Maybe add the tip of snipping really long posts? Idk. Just something that is helpful so we don't waste time while scrolling down the page.
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  13. Thanks :D Sorry what do you mean though, I don't quite get it :p
    Will do, thanks :)
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  14. I'll give an example.

    (This was an example, not spam. :))
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  15. Protip: If you're bad at spelling, get a browser with Autocorrect.
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  16. Yes, thanks for making this Alex, I'm not going to be some over annoying *No offense*
    Grammar Nazi, but I wont be all like "Kan I haz rup33z??"
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  17. If you ever need help, PM somebody with "Moderator" or "Administrator" under their name. They can help with just about anything.
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  18. Added, thanks. :)
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  19. Don't post ban appeals on the forums, PM the moderator that banned you.
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  20. Added and combined into one whole post. :D
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