How to set up a endless amount of spawners to one grinder.

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  1. As we all know, the highest amount of spawners that can easily be set up to one grinder is four, but in theory, the amount can be endless. Now, if you REALLY want to do this, you will need a lot of people, and a lot of waiting rooms. First off, get your spawners. Connect the first four like normal, then, connect the other four to one of the pipes that connect the other four to the pitfall. There you go, you now have eight spawners connected to one grinder. Then, connect ANOTHER group of four to the pipes of the four before it, which connect those four to the main pipes, and so on and so on. Even though this would be VERY hard to do, simply because you would need a lot of people, it could be done. So with this, you could, in theory, connect a endless amount of spawners.

    Just thought I would share this. :)
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  2. Huh…but would it be worth it?
  3. Nope. :)
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  4. Roblikescake had a 8x grinder before he left. If i remember right he just put two of his alt accounts in two spots and him at death spot = profit
  5. But thats nothing compared to a grinder with 1K spawners. :)
  6. So…much…exp…