How to run a good shop.

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Did you follow these steps?

Yes 3 vote(s) 27.3%
No 7 vote(s) 63.6%
Some 3 vote(s) 27.3%
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  1. -Always have a gameplan: if you don't have a good gameplan your market or shop will not be successful!
    -Always be stocked: if not stocked people will be confused and saying im paying but nothings happening (doesn't really keep taking money spammers!)
    -Keep Rare high and keep common low: keep like gold diamonds and any other such like materials In a high profit with no returns! Keep lower in a common stuck like dirt or cobblestone ( not common in town but cook on in the wilderness)
    -make sure returns: make sure returns are half the price for dirt, cobblestone, etc.
    -close th shop when not online: if you don't close the shop you will loose all the stuff and then you have to get all the stuff at one time! And spammers might buy out everything!
    So build the maker on a house or building and simply put a door on it!

    Make sure you follow these steps and make sure to get the word out about you market and this thread!


    Also any bad comments will be erased and REPORTED!
  2. After reading please do the poll. Thx!
  3. There's already a thread for this...
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  4. I didn't follow these steps and I'm successful :p
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  5. Hate to flame, but I just want to point out that you've been on the Empire for less than a day now, and you already have such an extensive knowledge of the economy and shops of all the servers that you can make a thread on how to run a successful ahop?
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  6. This didn't make any sense to me :confused:
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  7. Maybe he's a dirt chef?
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  8. Wonder if he throws Dirt pies in his shop lol
  9. "Selling dirt soup at xxxx!! 4 for 40r!"
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  10. A guy walks into the shop
    Guy: What! Omg! is that chocolate, i been looking for some everywhere!

    Shop Owner: Nope It's Dirt Candy Bar
    Guy: -_-
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  11. It's crunchy, it's dirty... It's the brand new DIRT BAR!
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  12. Well good then keep it up
  13. Hey guys stop talking to me like that! Littely it hurts my feelings ther might be typos but be nice about it and Sony be calling my stuff dirt
  14. Yah well
    I have learned a lot on the server
  15. And you said ahop. Just teller ya
  16. You just posted 5 in a row without editing, your OP was full of spelling mistakes, and these tips don't really help. There are at least 5 REALLY GOOD how to run a shop threads and you didn't have to make one.
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  17. I might have to shut down this forum because everyone is being HARSH!
  18. Im not being harsh, these tips don't help that much and aren't explained too well.
  19. Read last sentences in paragraph at way bottom after thanks.
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