How to Properly Cut Down a Tree in Minecraft Multiplayer.

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  1. This is a video on how to annoy people the least by cutting down trees correctly.

    (Recording test for my new rig, I'm just pulling your leg here with the whole "tree cutting tutorial thing" )
    (Specs: i5 3570k 4.3 Ghz, EVGA GTX 560 Ti, 16gb G.Skill Ripjaw X ram, MSI z77-gd65 momaboard, razer orochi, generic keyboard)

    (Long time no see E.M.C, I was in central asia for a vacation)

    The server shown in this video was just one I wanted to jump on and make this video for, I played on it for around 10 minutes.
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  2. Ooh. Nice texture pack…
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  3. Sonic Ether's Shaders for 1.3.2 V10 buddy.

    I also use the vanilla minecraft texture pack! o.o
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  4. Oh. Is that approved for EMC?
  5. Alright, let's get this straight:
    You cut leaves with an axe?


    Joking :p Pretty smooth FPS for GLSL shaders AND recording at the same time :O My computer can't even handle Minecraft properly without optifine.
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  6. It doesn't change anything but graphics, so yes, yes it is.
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  7. I was uploaded this from what it seems to be 15 fps, fraps shot it at 30, then my adobe encoder made it 15 fps.

    Without recording my fps can jump from 60-300 with shaders (no joke, but usually from 60-100)
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  8. You cut trees down with a fist, legit.
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  9. Oh quite so.
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  10. Link please?
  11. Well, it is the most useful tool you have.
  12. I know I was doing something wrong. I been using TNT all this time
  13. And I've been using my stinky stone axe....
  14. awww yhaaa i have been doing it the right way the hole time!
  15. I've been doing it the RIGHT way and setting whole forests on fire :3
  16. I have been using my fists.
  17. Very good thread, reminds players about good MC manners, and the comments are hilarious - funny thread I've seen today.
  18. Oopsies, I made a bunch of creepers come towards, me with TNT in my hand, then BOOM bye bye tree.
  19. awe man, i thought the diamond enchanted axe was the "right" way! lol well back to being chuck norris again lol.
  20. The stone axe is the way to go guys...