How to make Geography revision bearable

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  1. Compared to my colouring, that's actually quite good. :p
  2. You have nice handwriting :) CRAYONS
  3. Looks like i'll be doing this for physics revision (on top of the other 343593543 subjects I have to revise for) not only do I not know what I am doing, it is surely the worst subject to revise for. Although doing what you did maybe a little harder to do with physics equations....;)
  4. Do it in crayons. It makes it so much better.
  5. dat handwriting doe.
    I'm guessing your handwriting is the one with the "explain" part. :p
  6. It's all mine :p
  7. #yaycrayons
    This needs to trend XD
  8. Spacial. You know you love that word.
  9. What mark did you get on that
  10. After revising for a Geography exam last week, I know how you feel xD Damn I wish I has some crayons!
  11. Oh Jackle... You goon.
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