How to make EXP bottle infinite Villager

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  1. even l am villager, l don't know. how to do that?
  2. Why did you post that crappy picture with the thread? :)
  3. please say how to make infinite villager;
  4. I don't know how to do it, though.
  5. The ability to make an infinite villager is about obtaining every available trade to them and repetitively using their last trade to refresh and unlock all of their trades. When the last trade of a villager is used, they'll obtain a new trade or replace an existing offer with a 'better' deal, according to Minecraft. Their previous trades will also be unlocked in the process. Updating a villager's trades, regarding replacements and trade unlocks, is processed by the game when the GUI of the villager is closed. Please be patient when waiting for the villager's new trades and/or unlockng of their current trades. I recommend waiting at least 10 seconds before opening the villager's GUI again.

    Bottles o' enchanting, experience bottles or xp bottles, are sold by priest/cleric villagers. An ideal infinite priest/cleric for xp bottles is achieved when they obtain the bottle o' enchanting offer as their last and final trade. Due to the trading mechanics, using the xp bottle trade and then reopening the villager's GUI will cause all of their trades, including the xp bottle trade, to be unlocked without getting a new offer.

    However, in of Minecraft 1.8, villager trading was reworked. Villagers can have different sub- occupations for each of the five main types of villagers. These occupations have different lists of available trades. Existing villagers from game versions before 1.8 will keep their existing trades, but they'll also be able to obtain trades from the random sub-occupation they're assigned to from their main one.
    These changes with trading were done for balancing purposes and to try to prevent infinite villagers. Although EMC can accept 1.8 Minecraft clients, the changes to villager trading won't to applied until the servers officially update.

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  7. thanks!
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