How to make an obsidian generator?

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  1. I need it to make 2 ender chests. My friend is stuck in the wild, and his supporter ran out and he's still hidden from the live-map. He has full diamond armor and tools and doesn't want to lose them, and doesn't want to risk it in the nether, so i'm bringing an ender chest to him from town.

    I have 2 eyes of ender, but I need obsidian. I do not want to spend more rupees, so i'll build an obsidian generator myself. Thing is, I don't know how to make one. A video tutorial would be nice :)
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  2. He needs to PM a Senior Staff member for him to be unhidden. Chances are you really only need to make one Ender Chest because he can just use someone elses when he gets to town

    Edit: Someone else will explain how to make an Obsidian generator
  3. You don't need to go through the trouble of a generator. obsidian = one bucket of water + one bucket of lava.
  4. Here's a simple one but I can make you a small piston in 2 days if want for low cost :)

  5. He said that he PM'ed ICC but didn't get an answer.
    I will need it in the future, i've been meaning to make one for awhile for a snowflake project v.3 ;)
    Thank you :D
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  6. have him add shaun, Aikar, and Maxarias. It probably accidentally got overlooked - nothing personal
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  7. I don't think i'll have contact with him until Monday. He hardly ever logs into skype and I keep missing him in-game by 1 hour or so :p
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  9. A like for you - for doing that on EMC :)
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  10. Did you know, you can also make an obsidian generator using string instead of redstone? This method only works when the string is placed along the Z axis (south or north direction) and must be right beside a tripwire hook.

    Here's a fairly simple design.
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  11. Woah, I did not know this - I have chestfuls of String... Hmm not quite as much redstone
  12. Wow amazing I'm so using string for obsidian now!
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