How to make an alt?

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  1. Hi, it's me again!

    I was curious about how to make an alternative account. I know many people who use alts, and saw many in-game. But, how do you exactly create a new minecraft account? You might say, "just do exactly the same thing as you did when you created this account, but with a different username" But it seems like there changed much since beta, including the account creation thingy on I tried a few things already, but got stuck a little bit when I had to create a "mojang" account.
    Could you please help me, so I know how to make a new minecraft account?:) It will also come in handy when my little brother wants to sign up EMC, cause he doesn't have a MC account yet.

    Oh, and also, what do you people think of alt's: are they useful, or just lost money? And what's better: One gold supporter account, or two regular accounts?
  2. Just head to, sign up with a new email there and then click "buy minecraft" and go from there :)
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  3. im not sure, I bought mine in early alpha but I think its just creating a mojang account and logging into the site
  4. To answer some of your questions. An alt is worth it. You get extra promo's and you can troll people a bit :p You can also be in the wild and town on one server. Also, if you're like me, your alt can rescue you when you fall into lava in the nether... >.>
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  5. There has only been a couple of additions since the old process of registering was scrapped. The first one is that when you login you must use your Mojang account (email address registered to that username - has to be different for each MC username) and the second is that it's, not

    To register, just follow these steps.
    1. Visit this link:
    2. Fill in all the details.
    3. Confirm the email address, ect.
    4. That has just created your MOJANG account, not your Minecraft account.
    I can't go any further but from there it should be pretty straight forward. Click "purchase Minecraft" and choose a username.
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  6. Like mba said, an alt is definitely a really good option, although gold is good with alts you can get extra promos and be in town and the wild at the same time on the same server, it's really helped me out :)
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  7. Only waste of money when you are JC or Jack, because who needs 9+ alts? xD