How to keep creepers from rezzing in areas ?

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  1. How to keep creepers from rezzing in areas ?

    Because the still appear in pretty bright lighted rooms.
    And the really are my biggest terrorists, the ruine so much.
    But how dom you keep them from appearing in rooms ?

    Other weird problem, it happens sometimes. that i look around me.
    Everything is clear no mob in any distance. I put 1 step forward. BANG !!
    Creeeper behind me that explode. Thats so, Creepy ! :eek: and ruines the landscape to.
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  2. You can use mods that show all spawnable blocks in an area. (you'll need to install forge and an api, and a mod, which is a bit of technical work). Then use it to see the blocks that are not lit enough.
    Monster Spawn Highlighter from the Approved Mods list.

    Or you can walk around the place with debug screen on (F3), and watch the light level of the block you are standing on. Anything below 8 will spawn a creeper.

    You can also hire a professional mob spawning sanitizer like myself to secure the area. :)

    Creepers are pretty creepy... i suspect that's how they got their name. :)
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  3. I use cats. creepers are scared of them. Keep a couple cats around you and you won't have to worry about them sneaking up on you.
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  4. Make the floor transparent like a glass block or glowstone or if you're loaded make your entire base out of beacons xD
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  5. Make houses out ob obby xD
  6. Put down carpet or slabs on the floor.
  7. The carpet one sounds really intressing ! the cats i have,
    but keep them sitting because the interfere with fighting and lost cats that way.
    Need to investigate more in cats. The tp random to you and thags other way you lose them.

    But the carpet.. :)