How to install Forge Optifine Rei's Minimap

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  1. Hello again I have been a busy bee 2 videos recorded, edited rendered and uploaded in the last 24 hours.

    A lot of work especially when things don't go quite to plan and you have to re-do some of it.

    Anyway this one is how to install Forge, optifine and Rei's minimap. You need forge to be able to install the minimap, as modloader conflicts with Optifine Forge is the better mod to use here.

    This is a step by step how to install all three and a basic how to use guide.

    Link to video is here ->

    There was no expense spared in the production of this video so remember to like, comment and sub to the channel :p
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  5. And i saw this A few weeks after i spent an hour figuring out how to install it.....